When the end of the year, June I do pretty. Reduce the aging skin down 10 years OMG!!

Well, long, long to be take care with him. We packed. First, June attend open. A new innovation named Celluminated Youth.

The clinical import this machine has only one in that is NYC New York Clinic. Www.nycnewyorkclinic.com on June lucky job. Do good to be the first girl group from blogger Thailand who try this. Before the initial new machines. Take a look. Detail and special of Celluminated Youth first.

At the age of us more skin problems will increase as well as the surface uneven pore space. Blemish blemishes dull. Wrinkles and sagging came again, the goodies.

Laser, or use of fillers to reduce wrinkles (FILLER). To help in the skin problem clearly and aging but can’t make big overall skin condition better. , and as a treatment for temporary. When fillers broken skin back trouble again.


Is the use of new tools and the nutrient compound skin critical Active nano and Hyaluronic Acid Collagen Peptide type body can. The car used immediately absorbed into the skin layer. In point which is called Cell Conjoint retention of nutrients and forwarded to the cells. Files, including Stemcell super food surface. When down to the ground floor (Dermis). Will be able to create custom skin food continuously at the cellular level.


Is the surface structure is developing efficiency better, stronger on the naked eye can see up to saturation Fu. Skin smooth. The wrinkles are obvious when entering the month 3 virtual skin gradually regressing yourself, not just. Solve the problem but to strengthen and protect the skin problems, new to occur as well.

Start, doctor will also analyze our skin conditions. That is the problem that must be solved is the specialty of the June really also have many problems. There are only small wrinkles by groove cheeks, forehead, under the eye and skin. Don’t look bright, which is considered as the advantages that we care. Yourself from now, because the skin to recover, and have beautiful skin with us for a long time.

The face of the tool Active plump injector head is a small dip needle slowly down to the skin to direct food skin into ผิวชั. In get thoroughly at the cellular level, while looking around. The staff began to prepare equipment, who many skin problems. It is frequent and deep needle marks a bit.

June not much emphasis on distribution of nutrients the skin all over the face, blood work to want to give!!! 5555 it really. It hurts that bad. Just press any sticky skin. 2.

Because the anesthesia applied at first doesn’t hurt much. There will be some airplay around the skin such as the near south side, eyes or nose not scary at all.

The girls did just fine. The ant bite pain pain than it!! June jam around. Except for the nose, after finished assistant will come to wipe clean again, eh? To see that even blush, but we can still smile. Just peachy.

Not all stages. Also soothe the skin at the end with vitamin skin frozen, strengthen and reduce irritation symptoms. Of the surface as well. After doing a little red spot and the convex face.

Please do not be alarmed, Roy will fade in a few days (June 3 days it all gone now ^ ^) after making except the cream. That night. The next day, then some skin cream and makeup as usual. And can be exposed to the sun. Not a problem. Because of this. Make the skin down (strengthen it again ^ ^).

See the works of Celluminated Youth.

After doing 1 days until 6 week to see the capable clear. In the picture, will see the image after (not counting the first image is 2 needle marks), redness and acne fade away a lot. skin look smooth and watercraft. It up, and another is the skin radiant. It will not feel the skin file, but the skin will look bright bright, even without makeup, or work late, sleep nto see the page. You don’t wear heavy like before.

* red marks to see the nose has nothing to do. June cold nose pain is bruise that personal feelings that image cannot tell, shortness of the skin. It is the tune didn’t have skin a progressed much clear vision, since in the picture, but when touched. Try to catch the skin will know. Have it that my skin tight tight, firm up. Take time to look into the profile picture fits well.

Conclusion for the face, this time a bit result worth it because it’s not just, it is problem solving Restoration and protection of other skin problems in the future bride; to skin. “On the day of the festival, lasting makeup. See aura.

Try to arrange a time.

Do the work for 1-2 months, including skin care, the rest in the real work. Your skin will look much lower. Make makeup light. ก็ย. A pretty day. Women don’t pretty. Thanks to everyone at the track. And thank you, clinical NYC New York Clinic very much. For taking care of skin to tune this time. Thank you very much.

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