Review Rhinoplasty Change to Awesome.

First of all, allow me to introduce myself. I’m Som. Usually I does not think about my life is surgery. Because pain very much. And also the family. Antioxidant cosmetic surgery กกกก sad. ล้านตั chicken. But these days it’s long 5555 difficult day. Another way is beautiful, handsome, But I ………..

Take a look at the photo before of Som. Som as the people have so little now! But take time to feel dull face.

We think not and we have to change to look better, or a man will be more beautiful. Then we start out? The information in the plastic surgery. The information reasonably and also not made the decision about the price, and special effects.

After all, and see NYC New York clinic feel pleased with this match Som need is very Som decided. Go for counselling clinic. The doctor named Dr. Yu very cute consultation no quarter time. Tell detail! And บอกว่าส้ม own mobile suit. The nose is one kind of love so much. And arrival date.

While waiting for the doctor, secretly photo kept it.

After finished immediately, which no swelling contusion. Love mm.

2 week passes like nothing happened. My friends meeting together. See Som poof, ask along a orange! Do. However, look sharp, slipping.

1 months passed, more beautiful than ever because the nose started in the well. In my personal opinion, Som, like bridge very new. I knew I should have done a long time ago.

At present, the happy very much and so new photo corner survived because NYC New York clinic.

Thank you to all my friends who read it any mistakes will receive feedback, review of the Som times. A review times. The placenta. Learn to view me.

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